Tuesday, 18 February 2014

One Direction: From Zero to the Logo.

It really is kind of funny. Two years back they did not even know the other. They first met each other whenever they were auditioning for the biggest television show in UK, the X Component. Actually, they were not much successful inside at first as individuals. Then again they were grouped together during the boot camp stage of other sellers. The group got together to learn each other and practice, and that was just the start of the story.
Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson formed One Direction by a suggestion from Nicole Scherzinger. The name "One direction" has been suggested by Harry Styles since he thought it sounds cool only when it's announced on the live demonstrates. Everything was going well. They were eliminating their competition 1 by 1. They were so close acquire, they did not win!
Despite celebrity story finish around the third place, they signed a recording cope with Sycho Records, and started taking care of their debut album. Meanwhile they made the annual contestant tour.
"What makes you beautiful" was first released like a single and topped the singles data in UK. The album "Up all night" sold more than 138000 copies and stood on the second spot of UK photos chart. It went all the best way to number one of the Billboard Very hot 200 for selling 176, 000 copies in US within the first week.
Their second studio album "Take Me Home" was already released in November 2012. The lead single of this album "Live While We're Young" topped all around you. The album itself topped the chart in over thirty countries.
It has been argued how the incredible success of One Path in North America has been due to gap in the American marketplace. A teenage loved, parent friendly pop performed by cute boys type of gap. It is not pretty much the songs. It is in regards to the act as well, and for your they look like a total cast. From sensitive and rather to flamboyant, they cover each of the personality colors. There is something for whatever a teenage girl want. No wonder their tweeter account is as well as more than 10 million people and ever increasing!

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